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Unlock Freedom – Registration


IT STOPS WITH ME is a 4-session human trafficking prevention curriculum for young people which can be used in schools, churches, shelters, home school co-ops, etc. This course is brought as a collaboration with Annie Perkins Ministries.

This course was developed from feet-on-the-ground work in multiple sectors of the fight against child sex trafficking in America, its videos depict the issue from a well-rounded and shockingly realistic perspective (see Intro/Session 1 video below).


Students indicate enhanced knowledge of:

  • vulnerability factors

  • perpetrator characteristics and tactics

  • magnitude of the problem

  • proximity of/personal connection to the issue/risk

Students indicate desire to change behaviors:

  • desire to educate self more

  • desire to educate others

  • desire to protect self

  • desire to protect others

  • ability to respond to danger

  • changing social media settings/behavior

  • desire to take action


Please fill out the information to register.  Note: This course is intended only for members of law enforcement, and is therefore subject to approval by our administration. Upon registering, you will receive an email with further instructions.

  • (Usernames can only contain lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers)
  • Strength indicator