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What is an Abolitionist?

 Our Abolitionists are the ones on the front line who “get it” and “get it done” to abolish sex slavery in the United States.

We are looking for passionate individuals

Somewhere, right now, a child is being abused and trafficked in this country. Enraged? The it’s time to get engaged.

Help us raise awareness, combat demand, and protect survivors so that we can ultimately make the U.S. into a Trafficking Free Zone.

Let's make the movement VIRAL

Our Abolitionists help us spread the word and advocate for change in their local communities. Join us and use your social media for social good! Activities include:

Posting pre-made graphics and videos

Showing off your Abolitionist merch to spark conversation

Encouraging local leaders to declare your community a Trafficking Free Zone

Participating in our Monthly Challenges

You will gain access to our influencer toolkit, which will include ready-to-share graphics. This role gives you an important outlet to educate others about the reality of human trafficking in the United States.

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Abolitionist Ware

Showcase your passion. Your support of the USIAHT shop helps us provide relief services to victims of human trafficking.